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Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage and Who Needs One?

A sports massage is actually a group of massages that are designed to help those who participate in sports. The goals of a sports massage are to prevent potential injuries, keep the body in optimal condition for events, and to help athletes recover from workouts. Each of these goals actually works hand in hand to provide the best possible results.

There are three forms of sports massage:

Pre Event

The pre-event massage is designed to warm up muscles, stretch them out, and stimulate blood flow and nutrients. The results are decreased muscle tension, improved flexibility, and preparation for the extensive trauma the athlete is about to face.

Post Event

Any time an athlete works out or competes, the muscles go through a certain level of trauma, which can cause pain, stiff muscles, strains, and cramping. A post-event sports massage increases blood flow and decreases the lactic acid in the muscles. This leads to faster recovery.


Maintenance sports massages are typically a weekly occurrence. These massages are designed to maintain an increased level of blood flow to the muscles and keep muscles loose.

Sports massages are designed for athletes, but that does not necessarily mean you have to be a competing athlete to take advantage of the benefits. If you maintain an active lifestyle, such as regular running or weightlifting, a sports massage can keep your body in the best shape to continue. To set an appointment, simply book a sports massage appointment here at Body Rehab Clinic, physiotherapy Pukekohe.

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