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Pilates Pukekohe

Combining Physiotherapy and Pilates Pukekohe

Both physiotherapy and Pilates are excellent ways to improve the body, recover from injury, and prevent further injuries. When combined, though, they become a powerhouse for participants. The following are some of the greatest benefits of each individual practice and the combination treatment.

Physiotherapy Pukekohe

Physiotherapy has been around for a long time and is a well respected and recognized form of rehabilitation. The goal of physiotherapy is to maximize the body’s ability to move and function properly through education, exercise, and manipulation.

Pilates Pukekohe

Pilates is a much newer practice than physiotherapy but has nevertheless made a name for itself in the world of healing and exercise. Pilates focuses on improving flexibility, strengthening the core, and building stamina.

Some amazing results of Pilates include:

  • The workouts result in a stronger core, which supports the spine and lower back, leading to less back pain.

  • Pilates exercises are challenging enough to strengthen the body but gentle on the joints, reducing pain, swelling, and the chance of permanent injuries.

  • Pilates participants often have better posture and a more balanced body, reducing the chance of injuries.

Combining Pilates and Physiotherapy

Using Pilates in tandem with physiotherapy is providing your body with the utmost physical care. Each of these has their own focuses, strengths, and weaknesses. When combined, they complement one another and provide optimal benefits, such as:

  • Prevention and recovery of an injury

  • Better overall strength and flexibility, making everyday tasks and more challenging workouts easier

  • Optimum posture for a better-supported spine

  • Improved balance, which helps decrease the risk of injury

Everyone can benefit from a strong, more balanced, and more flexible body. Give Body Rehab Physiotherapy Pukekohe Clinic a call today to set up an appointment and feel the benefits for yourself.

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