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Physiotherapist Pukekohe

Signs It Is Time to See a Physiotherapist Pukekohe

A physiotherapist specialises in maintaining a patient’s mobility and treatment of injury and more through physical activity. The treatments include massage, manipulation when needed, exercise, and education.

If this is a new practice for you, you may be wondering how to tell when you need a physio. Pukekohe. Here are some common signs you need to make an appointment:

  • An injured part of your body hurts long after the injury. It often takes about three days for the pain to go away. If it is hanging around longer than three days, call your physio Pukekohe for an appointment.

  • You experience pain every time you move a certain way. For instance, if your wrist is fine most of the time but hurts when you bend it a certain way, you need to see a physiotherapist.

  • You walk unbalanced. If you notice that one of your shoes wears out quicker than the other or a limp, there may be musculoskeletal issues. Seeing a physio should be done pronto before your imbalance causes other issues.

  • Headaches are a constant companion. Everyone gets a headache now and then due to stress and other issues. However, if you experience them often, it may be due to tension in the neck or jaw or poor posture.

  • If you do not sleep well or constantly wake up in pain. Even when we do not realise it, issues in the back, shoulder, and neck can affect our quality of sleep. If there is no other obvious reason for your sleep issues, a physiotherapist might be able to help.

If you notice any of these issues, any other problems with your mobility and flexibility, or you are just in pain, a visit to your physio Pukekohe is in order.

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