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Sports massage on leg
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Sports massage on leg

Body Lymphatics, Neck and Face and Arm Lymphatics

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help the body to get rid of toxins, cellular waste and other unwanted materials.  It plays a vital supporting role to both the circulatory system (helps to regulate blood volume and blood pressure and deliver nutrient to cells) and immune system.  Lymphatic treatment can assist muscle tightness, pain and joint stiffness.  

Some signs and symptoms that your lymphatic system needs help includes painful and tender, swollen lymph nodes, stiffness first thing in the morning, ongoing stiffness, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, slow recovery from training, bloating, skin changes, red/grey eyes, bad breath, allergies ie leaky gut.

Breathing pattern dysfunction particularly upper chest breathing also contributes to a poor 'pump' and poor functional lymphatic system.

Lymphatics can complement your physiotherapy treatment.  Different locations of lymphatic therapy will be given depending on the condition being treated.  Book a physiotherapy appointment today.

Back Stretch

Neuro Screening and Therapy

Through injury, stress or emotional trauma sometimes our nerves can be sensitive, and reflexes that we are born with called primitive reflexes can return and contribute to pain, sensitivities and poor posture and spinal alignment.  If an injury keeps returning or there is chronic pain, assessing your nervous system through primitive reflex screening may be needed.   Specific exercises are then given to help eliminate the reflexes, restore normal movement patterns, relief pain and improve function.

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